Fresh Claim

If the Home Office has refused your asylum claim, and you have not been allowed to appeal (‘Appeal Rights Exhausted’), or you have appealed but it has been refused, you may be able to bring a fresh claim. This happens if you have new evidence or new information that you want to give to the Home Office about the story you have already told.

This might be about why you would be in danger in your home country with additional proof, like a witness statement from a relative in your home country or maybe a new reason like recent protests); or it might be about your right to live in the UK because of the length of time you have been here, and the family and support networks you have built up here.

With the help of a lawyer, you can give this evidence (called ‘further submissions’) to the Home Office and they will decide if they think it is a ‘fresh claim’.

Problems & Actions

Problem 1

You don’t know how to get new evidence for your fresh claim.

Action 1

Your lawyer should be able to help you find evidence...

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Action 1

Your lawyer should be able to help you find evidence. Your social worker or other trusted adult might also be able to help with this – see Right to Remain’s Toolkit section on Fresh Claims for where you might find “Country of Origin” information online. If your fresh claim is about your life in the UK, you might need to ask people like school or college teachers, support workers, community members or other adults in your life to write letters explaining why you need to be able to stay in the UK.